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Y.LEAD Seminar:



 (Thư bản gốc xin mời tải tại địa chỉ: http://thptchuyenlaocai.edu.vn/topic/invitation-ylead-seminar-leading-in-an-increasingly-vuca-environment)

Since 2010, River Valley High School has been organising leadership seminars to prepare its students with the competencies that are essential for the twenty-first century. Over the years, the school’s leadership programme has attracted many local and overseas student participants.


Y.LEAD 2018 is organised by River Valley High School and is held in Singapore from 5 to 9 Mar 2018. Please refer to Annex A for the write-up on the Y.LEAD Seminar.


Aims of the Seminar


Solving the issues presented by social inequality, poverty, the income gap and other social issues seems as distant in today’s technologically advanced and connected world as it was fifty years ago. However, the main lesson that recent history provides is that good leadership can make a tremendous difference in solving any communities’ problems. This is a useful starting point from which the leaders of tomorrow can be groomed and readied as they formulate their own goals for the advancement of humanity.


The theme for this year’s seminar is ‘Leaders@tomorrow.world’.


Through the seminar, we would like to equip youths with leadership skills to face the fast evolving and transforming world of tomorrow. The Seminar will be organised around the two broad sub-themes of 1. The Smart City and 2. Change Makers.


Y.LEAD 2018 aims to empower youths to become future leaders who realise that the actions of individuals and governments, along with the developments in environmental science and technology, will all have an impact on how the future plays out. Thus, Y.LEAD seminar is organised around the broad subthemes of governance, environment and technology.


The Y.LEAD seminar will also allow participants to learn about leadership skills as they will have opportunities to work with and lead their peers during the seminar.


The seminar aims to:

  • equip students with values-based leadership skills
  • provide a platform for the internationalisation of both local and regional young leaders
  • provide networking opportunities for local and regional young leaders for future collaborations


Highlights of the Seminar


  • Panel Discussions

In this segment of the Seminar, senior officers of the public service, industry leaders and representatives of non-governmental organisations will interact with participants to elucidate on their roles as leaders of their respective organisations.



  • Leadership and Character Development (LCD) Training  

As part of the Seminar, participants will undergo a specially tailored experiential Leadership-Character Development Programme developed by River Valley High School, Singapore. The customised activities will not only enhance participants’ leadership qualities, but also provide them with opportunities to build friendships with other Asian student leaders, learn to respect one another and cultivate a stronger sense of appreciation, responsibility, self-discipline and self-motivation. There will also be strong emphasis on the inculcation of values, in line with our aim to nurture leaders who make morally sound decisions that are beneficial to others.


  • Experiential Learning Journeys

Participants will take part in customised learning journeys to key installations that form part of Singapore’s strategic plan to keep the country progressive and competitive while maintaining social harmony and retaining a shared heritage.


  • 15-Hour Challenge

Participants will take part in an immersive role-play activity to be carried out over 15 hours. In groups of 15, the participants have to put the knowledge, skills and processes they have acquired over the previous days to formulate an action plan, deploy their resources and strategise to maximise their effectiveness as they work on their 15-minute presentation.






We would like to invite your school to send a team comprising 15 distinguished students (15 – 17 years old), one school leader and two teacher chaperones to attend the Y.LEAD Seminar 2018.


The Registration-Programme Fee is SGD $480 per student participant. It will cover the



  • Twin occupancy in a local hostel (non-air-conditioned) for 6 nights, 4 to 10 March 2018 (location of hostel to be confirmed at a later date)
  • All meals, transportation, LCD course, panel discussions, and admission fee(s) to selected places of interest in Singapore.
  • Airport transfer to and from the hostel of stay.


The teacher chaperone’s fees will be SGD $480 inclusive of accommodation at the local hostel (twin sharing) for 7 days 6 nights from 4 to 10 March 2018 , all meals, airport transfers and transportation to and from hostel of stay to River Valley High School.


The overall seminar programme is attached in Annex B.


Participating schools are to nominate a Teacher Chaperone to be the contact point for the school. The duties of the Teacher Chaperone are found in Annex C.


Information about the participants pertaining to their dietary requirements, next-of-kin and so on should be provided via Annex D and submitted by 12 January 2018 via email.



For further information and queries, please contact:


Ms Dawn Wong



Tel: +65 67042734   or


Visit our website:





The cost of airfare, travel insurance, incidental expenses will be borne by all student

participants and their teacher chaperone(s). Please arrange for air travel with your local travel agent at your own convenience.


We would appreciate if your school could confirm the number of student leaders and

teacher chaperone(s) participating in the Seminar as soon as possible.


To register, please send a Demand Draft for the total sum along with the completed registration form before 2 February 2018 to:


River Valley High School

6 Boon Lay Avenue

Singapore 649961


For the Demand Draft:


Please specify:                                             Payment to River Valley High School for YLEAD in March 2018

Name of Beneficiary Bank:                                    DBS

Bank Address of Beneficiary Bank:         6 Shenton Way, DBS Building, Singapore 068809

Country:                                             Singapore

SWIFT code/address:                                 DBSSSGSG

Account Name:                                            Director-General of Education Schools' Fund Direct Credit Account

Account No:                                                  008-013448-0


Note: All bank and administrative charges are to be borne by your school.


For further information and queries, please contact:


The Secretariat

Y.LEAD Seminar

Ms Dawn Wong


Tel: +65 67042734


We look forward to seeing you in Singapore.


Thank you.


With warmest regards,




Mrs Teo Khin Hiang


River Valley High School




Annex A


Y.LEAD Seminar


The Y.LEAD Seminar is a platform for teenagers from the ages of 15 to 17 to acquire a heightened awareness of global social challenges, a values-based understanding of the role of leaders and a useful set of leadership skills. The objective of the seminar is to empower youths to become future leaders who can effect positive changes in society.

Y.LEAD is an acronym that stands for - Youth. Leverage Educate Actuate Develop



Y.LEAD embraces the concept of youth leadership while also evoking the question of why one should take up the position of being a leader. Hence, Y.LEAD espouses purposeful leadership in youths. Each word represented by the respective letter in LEAD encapsulates a set of skills that are necessary for a young leader-to-be to acquire:


Leverage – to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses as the fulcrums of change. Leaders have to understand the fundamentals of human psychology and accept that while members of a team could have different personalities and preferences, they could also offer complementary skills that must be tapped. The ability to build cohesive teams is also important to utilise a multiplier effect for the team’s capability.


Educate – to value learning and to see it as a continual process for leaders and the team. Leaders should see that to address shortcomings and to extend the capabilities of the team, there are skills that can be acquired through training. Leaders should also see that they need to be open to learning from experiences through reflective practice. The importance of educating oneself as preparation for any task is also highlighted so that projects are undertaken with the knowledge gleaned from past success or failures.


Actuate – to transform planning and thought into action. Projects are carried out to create change. Leaders have to learn how to systematically manage the process and deal with the ad-hoc challenges that crop up unexpectedly. The ability to construct a timeline and design the workflow should also be present in leaders.


Develop – to grow, groom and produce other leaders as part of their vision of leadership. Leaders have to take on the responsibility of identifying suitable candidates as future leaders so that the continuity of the team is assured. Ultimately, good leaders serve to inspire future leaders to take up the responsibility of guiding, caring and developing the next generation of leaders.




Annex B





5 Mar (Mon)

6 Mar (Tue)

7 Mar (Wed)

8 Mar (Thu)

9 Mar (Fri)


Registration & Briefing




Opening Ceremony

Learning Journeys / Leadership 101

Learning Journeys / Leadership 101

15-Hour Challenge

8am to 11pm

Workshops and courses

Mass Display


Presentation of Action Plans


Awards Ceremony


Personality Profiling Workshops


Teamwork Dynamics Workshops


Mass Games


Mass Dance

Panel Discussions

Group Activities



Gallery Walk



Commencement Night




Annex C


Duties for the Teacher Chaperone/s


The Teacher Chaperone/s (TC) is expected to:


  1. Administer logistical support in school eg Consent Form, collection of seminar fee, submission of required documents


  1. Serve as the liaison teacher for all communication and dissemination of information, reading material and notices to the respective student participants


  1. Serve as the contact person for any emergency situation that involves students from the TC’s school


  1. Accompany the respective school’s student participants for registration on 5 March 2018


  1. Ensure that all participants are properly attired for the seminar (a packing list will be sent at a later date)


  1. Attend the Educators Programme and accompany the students for the Opening Ceremony on 5 March 2018


  1. Accompany the students for Commencement Night on 9 March 2018 and supervise the dismissal of students from the seminar


The TC is invited to attend all other segments of the seminar. However there is no requirement for the TC to be present for the entire seminar other than the segments listed above.




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