Opening speech from Mr Principal
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We keep Mr Principal's words close to our hearts!


Mr Principal Nguyen Minh Thuan delivered an opening speech purporting to the youth’s duty: Adapting to ever-changing environment in 21st century. In his trendy pink T-shirt, we felt that he was even closer to our hearts than ever showing empathy for modern generation.

“My beloved students!


We are living in the 21st century when the fourth revolution ‘Industry 4.0’ is just round the corner. It opens up new opportunities but it also poses great challenges to you all, the citizens of the 21st century. 


To seize the opportunities and face the challenges in this ever-changing world, you all, students, should try harder to accumulate knowledge, develop necessary skills and realize your true values in order to become independent thinkers and problem solvers.


The theme of this year’s 12 hour challenge is Re:imperium - the journey to realize your true values. As the principal, I do hope that all new students of Lao Cai Gifted High School will have a great time, getting to know more about our school and our education environment so that you can identify your own goals and develop a more valuable version of yourselves.


Don’t be afraid of challenges. Let’s face them with your brave hearts and strong minds. You will definitely find something valuable and make yourselves invaluable. No one can determine your values except yourselves. Stop focusing on self-limiting beliefs. Embrace your self-worth.


May you all have 12 meaningful hours with great challenges and great fun. 


Now, let’s start the journey to find your true values.


Thank you!”


On behalf of CLC LINK, we have well-received your endearing words. Now it’s our task to attend to your preachy speech and deliver our promise on a successful educational event!

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