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Anniversary Day

Chloe and Kevin enjoy going out toItalian restaurants. 

They love to eat pasta, share a dessert, and have espresso.

Chloe and Kevin’s anniversary is coming up. Kevin wants to plan a night out atan Italian restaurant in town. He calls a restaurant to make a reservation butthey have no tables available. He calls another restaurant, but they have noavailability either. 

Kevin thinks and paces around the house. He knows that Chloe loves Italian foodmore than anything else. He knows that nothing makes her happier. But the onlytwo Italian places in town are too busy. 

Kevin has an idea. What if he cooks Chloe a homemade Italian meal? Kevinpictures it: he puts down a fancy tablecloth, lights some candles, andplays romantic Italian music. Chloe loves when Kevin makes an effort. 

There's only one thing. Kevin isn't a good cook.

In fact, Kevin is a terrible cook. When he tries to make breakfast heburns the eggs, when he tries to make lunch he screws up the salad, when hetries to make dinner even the neighbors smell how bad it is.

Kevin has another idea: if he calls up one of the restaurants before Chloe getshome and orders take-out, he can serve that food instead of his bad cooking!

The day arrives. Chloe is still at work while Kevin orders the food, picks itup, and brings it back home.

As he lays down the place settings, lights the candles and puts the music on,Chloe walks in.

"Happy Anniversary!" Kevin tells Chloe. He shows off their romanticdinner setting, smiling.

Chloe looks confused. "Our anniversary is tomorrow, Kevin."

Kevin pauses, looks at the calendar and realizes she's right. He looks back ather.

"I guess it's always good to practice!" he says.


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